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“The mission at Scott Mission” by Nicole Maylor

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Young humanitarians in action!

February 25, 2011


TORONTO, Ontario

The students of the Humanitarian Experiential Leadership Program took on a mission at the Scott Mission serving the homeless and people in need.

“ When we walked through the doors everyone seemed very friendly!” Said Sofia Becerra before the day began.

The students are involved in a number of humanitarian activities but they are very passionate about helping the homeless. They did a number of tasks that day that impacted the lives of others in a greater way then they could ever imagine.

Many students had smiles on their faces throughout the day, loving what they were doing.

“The Scott Mission is a place you can count on for the simplest of things” Said Sarah Smibert, a student in the program.e

All of the students passionately believed in the change they were making and came together to make that change as a team when they divided up the tasks of the day.

The day consisted of helping out in the day care, preparing meals for the homeless, serving meals for the homeless, and cleaning up afterwards.

“I enjoyed being able to spend time serving people.” Said Sofia Becerra at the end of a long day’s work.

The students understood the meaning of the word poverty that day through the different people that came into the Scott Mission for support. Seeing all types of people from all different walks of life really put things in perspective. I was an insightful day for an egar class of students ready to help.



Written by Elvin Madamba

April 8, 2011 at 2:26 PM

“H.E.L.P! up in the air” by Sofia Becerra

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The students of the Humanitarian Experiential Leadership Program put their skills to the test at Adventureworks

February 23, 2011

S. Becerra

HAMILTON, On – Through many exciting activities, the H.E.L.P. students of Romero enjoyed taking on the challenges that they were faced with yesterday at an interactive leadership facility, Adventureworks, to develop their team building, trust and communication skills.

After having been together for only 2 weeks, the students continued to get to know each other a little better through this experience. It started off with some stimulating warm up activities planned by the facilitators, Shawn Stetson and Adam Brown.

They got through these challenges without too much struggle by communicating and working together to achieve the best results in  endeavors such as building a three dimensional cube from pool noodles.

After lunch the students bundled up and headed outside to play some more games and use the lycra tube, similar to a very large elastic band.

“It was fun when we worked together to get the patterns down so we could bounce around really fast inside of it [the lycra tube],” student, Nigel Samaroo said.

the tube was a great way to to build are communication skillls with eachother it was awsoem to see how we call came together not worrying about how close or we were or who we were with we just worked together to complete are taskNext up the greatest challenge of the day came: high ropes.

Stetson and Brown instructed the students on how to put their harnesses on and tie all the appropriate knots. This would keep them safe once they were up 30 feet in the air secured only by a rope and the belay team on the ground.

Heading into the woods, they reached the courses, and started climbing. Working together in pairs, they climbed up about 30 feet on the steps created on the side of a tree. Shuffling across a thin metal rod with wooden poles spaced out they managed to get to the other tree by using their communication skills and trusting in one another.

“It was scary, I mean, I couldn’t even do it. These guys who went up there, it’s unbelievable,” student, Elvin Madamba, said. “It was fun to watch the team grow as we supported each other,” he said.

Written by Elvin Madamba

April 8, 2011 at 2:25 PM

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“Climbing above fear!” by Nicole Maylor

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Romero students take charge

February 14, 2011

N. Maylor

TORONTO, Ontario

Overcoming fear was the main event of the day for the students of the H.E.L.P! (Humanitarian Experiential Learning Program) Program while they rose to the occasion of the rising walls at the Rock Oasis.

“ I always wanted to give rock climbing a shot, but i was afraid and what does rock climbing have to do with leadership? I thought.” said Elvin Madamba, student of H.E.L.P!, before the day began.

A large portion of the H.E.L.P! program is leadership. At the rock Oasis, the students not only learned how to communicate better through directive communication, but they also learned how to be leaders of themselves by pushing past their limitations, before they can take on leadership in others.

“ I was really excited because it was a fun activity, where we all helped each other out and pushed our boundaries.” said Raphaella do Carmo, students of H.E.L.P!, in between climbing walls.

The tasks of the day were created to give the students an opportunity to push themselves to see the potential that we all have inside of us. This was a great lesson for the students to learn, also considering that it was still early in the semester.

Fear is something that can cripple a person. With all of the components of the day being such great lessons, they also fall secondary to the main lesson learned which was overcoming fear which was exhibited through another student.

“What an exhilarating activity! I was nervous at the start but I’m glad that I allowed myself to overcome my fears. I’m really proud of myself!” Said Nigel Samaroo after the experience.

Written by Elvin Madamba

April 8, 2011 at 2:24 PM

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“Student leaders ‘HELP’ tend sheep”

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Humanitarian Experiential Leadership Program (H.E.L.P.) students volunteer at the Good Shepherd Centre

February 12, 2011


TORONTO – Students from the Humanitarian Experiential Leadership Program (H.E.L.P.) tackled their first venture of the second semester as they captured the essence of volunteerism at The Good Shepherd Centre in Downtown Toronto yesterday morning.

“We learned about poverty and hunger in class but have never actually seen it in person,” said Raphaella Do Carmo, one of the student leaders. “At the Good Shepherd we get to see that and even help the cause”.

The students were involved in a myriad of activities including, food supply sorting, packing, and lunch preparation.

Students learned the challenging, everyday lives of marginalized citizens. They also witnessed the efforts of The Good Shepherd Centre to alleviate the burden of hunger, homelessness and poverty in the community of Toronto.

“People [at the Good Shepherd Ministries] do not judge,” another student, Sarah Smibert said, “they let anybody in and they try to make a positive change in people’s lives”.

James Scott Neil, the young leaders’ advisor, aimed to physically showcase the true adversities of poverty and homelessness to the students as it had been discussed in class.

“I felt great donating my time to such a great cause” another student, Nicole Maylor said.

Neil planned to take the students back to The Good Shepherd twice more, on April 21 and May 13; immersing the students further in the issues of poverty and hunger in a local setting.

“Experience is the best teacher; and experience in ‘lending a helping hand’ is especially more invaluable. It teaches our kids strong foundations of selflessness. With that said, the future is in good hands,” said Vicente Madamba, parent of a student leader.

The Good Shepherd Centre located at 412 Queen Street East. It is a place that offers food, shelter, clothing and other services to people of need; free of charge.

The meal program of the Good Shepherd is the largest in Toronto, serving more than 1,100 meals every day. It has also distributed more than 26,000 items in clothing for free in a year.

Written by Elvin Madamba

April 8, 2011 at 1:34 PM

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