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Elvin’s Memento in Costa Rica – Entry 01

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Oh man, oh man. Have I not posted on this thing in the longest time? I guess, it’s time to catch you guys all up!

Let’s start from where I left off and I’ll work myself to the present, yeah? Cool.

After myself and the HELP fam ventured into our last volunteer gig together at St. Francis Table, preparations went into our culminating Costa Rica trip (which y’all helped me raise funds for btw, thank you very much!). We obtained all the necessary things we needed and packed it all in one big hiking backpack. And on June 18, off we went…

(So, I’m just gonna quote whatever I wrote in my journal day by day)

 June 18, 2011

It is 10:09 AM. My name is Elvin Anthony Madamba, you’re probably reading this because you just want to know about the experiences I’m supposed to have in Costa Rica.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know what to expect. I have learned a lot about it in class. If I had to pick what I’m most looking forward it has to be the rich diversity Costa Rica is known for. Also, I can’t wait to be immersed in the Costa Rican culture, especially the indigenous peoples’.

I’m kind of bittersweet about this trip actually. Bitter because I’m going to miss my friends, and family. I would especially miss my dad and my girlfriend. It is me and my girlfriend, Cindy’s anniversary today. It is unfortunate that I’m not going to be home to celebrate our milestone. I already miss her terribly. When I think about it, it’s only 12 days but we won’t have communication at all. But I truly believe that this will make us even stronger. I’m quite excited to be back home and have a good time with her. And of course, I miss my  dad and my mom too. I’ve never been away from them for this long without communication. I’m hopeful that when I come back that my dad would find new found strength after what has happened to our family. I even almost cried when I was being prayed over by my dad. It was so emotional… And again when I was prayed over by Donita’s parents and Ate Roca. I mean they’re just an awesome bunch! Well, that’s it from me for now. I’ll sign back in a bit…

Okay, I’m on the plane now. I’m sitting at seat 9A, I’m by the window. I could’ve been sitting beside Sofia but the old gentleman said no. Oh well, it’s only a 6 hour flight. I’ll just sleep or something.

OH MY GOD! This is going to be a long ride. All I can ever think about is back home, my dad, Cindy and my friends. It hasn’t sunk in, the fact that I am en route to Costa Rica. I’m emotionally scrambled right now. By the way, “Twilight” sucks. What a cheesy movie. Are we there yet?

Finally, WE’RE HERE! It’s raining but it’s all good. I’m ready for you Costa Rica!

This is just awesome! Driving in Costa Rica. It’s so damn beautiful. We’re in a small bus right now on our way to our hotel. Just met Eugenio, the biologist, ornothologist (The study of birds)? And Patron, THE boss, is driving us.

Man, it pours here in Costa Rica but I am so ecstatic. Just hearing about the activities we’re gonna be doing are awesome. I am at loss for words right now. I’m just STOKED.

Well, that’s kind of awkward… Cindy and I had broken up weeks after I got back, I guess it didn’t make us stronger? Well, feelings change, and it was not her fault at all. Feelings changed, feelings developed. I can’t help it, it’s just a part of life. Oh well, that was such a beautiful memory. I like going back to that first day memory of Costa Rica.



Written by Elvin Madamba

October 17, 2011 at 10:01 PM

Posted in Costa Rica

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