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Organization: Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE)

Date: May 28, 2011 (Date of presentation)

Location: Ryerson University (245 Church St.,Toronto,Ontario)

Facilitator: Alexandra Nguyen, National Coordinator

About the Organization: SAGE is a network of high school students from all over the world that are all interested in entrepreneurship while making a difference in the world. It fosters creative and innovative projects “that impact schools and communities”. Students are given a chance to develop their network and skills in the business trade. Student groups that are a part of SAGE compete annually on national and international level showcasing initiatives and successes.

            As a part of SAGE Canada, our class was tasked to exhibit our projects from our leadership program while competing for national honors. So, we picked our two main projects for the semester – the community orchard and our Costa Rica mission.

Nicole, Nigel and Rapha practiced their speeches for days, Donita and I worked on the visual presentation aspect. Sofia worked on the annual report with the help of Sarah. Tom was jumping all over the place, helping out with every facet.

We stayed at Delta Chelsea the night before the presentation date, so we got some more polishing of our presentation.

The next day was presentation day, and all of us were very anxious but ready to go. So, we did and we just absolutely destroyed it. I think we did pretty well, considering we only won three national awards (overall champion, most socially responsible and best social enterprise). Boasting aside, we are very proud of our achievement, we worked so hard to get to where we are. Add to the fact that we have only been together for a semester and to win three awards, it is truly amazing. We have definitely showed everybody that a small group can make a difference by being really passionate for it, and it definitely showed. Our projects are very ambitious that it impacts society and the environment positively. To be quite honest, our aim was mostly to showcase, to let people know we exist and we are doing these awesome things locally and internationally. Winning was the cherry on top, and we gladly took that.

We do not stop here though; we are always continuing to make strides by continuing our volunteer initiatives and making progress in our main projects.

We are set to compete on the international level in Buffalo, NY, USA the coming month of July. We are excited and hope to take that international trophy home.


Written by Elvin Madamba

June 6, 2011 at 11:34 PM

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