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The Grass is Greener in Evergreen Brick Works

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Click for the rest of our Energy Festival pics. LOL Nicole

Organization: Evergreen in collaboration with TREC Education

Date: May 18, 2011

Location: Evergreen Brick Works (550 Bayview Ave.,Toronto,ON)

Facilitator: Heather Keczan, Education Assistant

About the Organization: Evergreen “is a national charity that makes cities more liveable”. The organization started in 1991 engaging Canadians on how to lead a sustainable life in their homes, schools and work. It seeks to “[deepen] the connection between people and nature… in urban environments”. Evergreen Brick Works is a community centre that focuses to be a place to educate the community about a sustainable future. It is also a place where “Farmers’ Markets”, seminars and plantings occur.

Unfortunately, Nicole and I did not really do anything that day. We were supposed to lead a class to their respective workshops and whatnot but they were late to arrive and it changed the whole agenda for us. We were reassigned to help out in the activity centre but they did not need help there. So, we ended up just going around the site.

The objective was clear though; it was to lead a group of young minds to learning about alternative, sustainable options for energy and ultimately, the environment. While we were supposed to lead, we were supposed to absorb the knowledge in the workshops too.

Despite Nicole and me practically being useless on that day (but at least, everybody else had a great time and learned a lot while being ambassadors to the young students), we still learned a lot through our own mini-trips at the site. We learned that there are definitely ways around to our unsustainable practices of energy. There are paths we could take that would take us to a greener future; we could invest in wind and solar, instead of oil.




Written by Elvin Madamba

June 6, 2011 at 11:20 PM

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