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Peel Water Story, It Wasn’t Hard to Tell

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Organization: Region of Peel Public Works (Education)

Date: May 20, 2011

Location: Farm in Caledon to Badlands to Water Treatment Plant inInglewood to park besideCreditRiver to park beside Lake Ontario in Mississauga

Facilitator: Damian MacSeain, Education Specialist in Environmental Education

About the Organization: The Region of Peel Public Works “does a lot of things for you and the community [of Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon]”. Public works is everywhere in Peel, it may be at work on our tap water, road improvements, or waste management. The Region of Peel “provides residents with infrastructure and services that we depend on every day”. It focuses on “safe, reliable service that respects the environment as well”. The Public Works education sector has provided opportunities for teachers to relate to their students about how water works in the region through a tour of the water facilities or through the “Water Story Program”.

Tasks: We went around the Region of Peel exploring the convergence of natural and human water systems in a cycle. We specifically took a look at what cater towards helping our water system and how we also negatively impact this.

            Throughout the semester, we have learned about the social and environmental implications pertaining to water. By participating in the “Water Story”, we have taken what we have learned and put it under a microscope and relate it to the water system we have in our own community.

We have strengthened the knowledge we have gained and even further expand this by learning new concepts. We learned how farms can have a negative impact on our water through nitrogen runoff stemming from animal manure but of course, we also learned how farms can collaborate with organizations such as the Credit Valley Conservation to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable in their practices. We also saw in the Cheltenham Badlands “the effects of deforestation on erosion and water quality”. We were witnesses on how our water is treated, so that it can safely be brought back to Lake Ontario without having adverse effects on the water. We were educated of the importance of plant life beside the river. Plants help ‘filter’ out waste that goes through the river, into the lake. Overall, it was a good experience that sufficiently covered how water takes its path in our community. Personally, knowing this, it gives me more responsibility to educate peers of our water system and how we should be wary of it and not abuse it.



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June 6, 2011 at 11:23 PM

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