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Organization: L’arche Daybreak

Date: May 5, 2011

Location: 11339 Yonge Street,Richmond Hill

Facilitator: Toni Urbanski, Volunteer Coordinator

About the Organization: L’arche was spearheaded by Canadian humanitarian Jean Vanier when he invited two intellectually disabled people to live with him in aFrenchVillage in 1964. They named their house “L’arche” which means “the Ark” in French. Soon, L’arche was growing, not only inviting more intellectually disable men and women but also volunteers that would care for them. L’arche has spread through outNorth America and the world. L’arche was founded by Steve and Ann Newroth in 1969. It is the largest L’arche community in North America. The fundamental principle of L’arche is “that we are all people with handicaps, and gifts, and that our lives are enriched when we dare to live and work with people of difference”.

Tasks: I picked up litter with Donita and Mr. Neil around the perimeter of the site. By picking up litter, we have contributed to the general cleanliness of the L’arche house. Giving ‘core members’, volunteers, and staff a much cleaner environment to operate in.

            Our trip to the L’arche community was pretty unique. It opened my eyes to a different perspective about disabled people. They are not really any different from us. They are people too, and they are capable of doing things as well. I even found them to be quite friendly and very interesting people. I have found a concrete reason to really respect them. They deserve every little bit of dignity and respect we have, as well.


Written by Elvin Madamba

June 6, 2011 at 11:14 PM

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