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Organization: Mississauga Urban Forestry

Date: May 3, 2011

Location: Erindale Park (1695 Dundas St. West,Mississauga)

Facilitator: John MacKinnon, Urban Forestry Coordinator

About the Organization: The Mississauga Urban Forestry department plays a huge role in maintaining “climate moderation, air and water quality, erosion control, wildlife habitat, and air temperature control”. It is responsible for planting and protecting trees in the parks of Mississauga City.

Tasks: Tom and I mulched pathways at the park for a good amount of time. The rest of the class was spreading the excess mulch throughout the park. By the end, we all planted two or three trees each in an area at the park.

            There were an awful lot of mulch overflow in the park. So, as volunteers, our objective was to make use of this excess mulch. We spread it on pathways (make the pathways much more enticing to walk on, instead of walking on grass and damaging the plants) and we added some mulch to previously planted trees (to keep stimulating the growth of the trees). Also, there were some trees waiting for us to be planted, so we applied our knowledge of planting trees from our previous collaboration with the City and planted them to further naturalize and beautifying the park.

We have been able to rid the Urban Forestry department’s dilemma of their extra mulch problem. Collectively, we were able to make use of mulch that could have otherwise just become a detriment in the park by being piled up on soil (absorbing water and nutrients from plants that actually need it). The path is much more beautiful and it smells nicer because of the added mulch. It also prevented weeds (nuisances!) from growing on the pathway. Finally, of course, by planting more trees, our climate change impact on a local level is reduced.



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June 6, 2011 at 11:09 PM

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