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Tending Sheep, Part Deux

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Trying to look good before the day starts (click for the rest of the pictures)

Organization: The Good Shepherd

Date: April 21, 2011

Location:412 Queen Street East,Toronto

Facilitator: Rebecca Ferguson, Fundraising, Events and Resources Coordinator

About the Organization: “The Good Shepherd Ministries was founded by “Br. Mathias Barrett, an Irish-born Catholic with a passion for serving the poor” in 1955 in New Mexico. The Good Shepherd is named after the stories of the good shepherd, Jesus Christ and His compassionate stature. The Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd operates based upon Jesus’ love and care. The ministry grew and found missions in England,Ireland,Haiti and of course,Canada. In 1963,Toronto’s Archbishop Pocock invited the Little Brothers to open a refuge for the poor and needy. The Good Shepherd Centre opened at Queen Street East, “a historically poor area inToronto”. Today, the Good Shepherd besides providing food, clothes and shelter, also aid deprived people get back to their lives through several programs. Some of these programs include, drug rehabilitation programs (DARE) and house resettlement plans. The Good Shepherd is guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ and is “a leading provider of comprehensive services to homeless, disadvantaged and marginalized people”. The Ministry operates thanks to its staff and many volunteers.”

Tasks: Work in the kitchen, cut vegetables and serve lunch

This is our second time back at the Good Shepherd; last time, I had prepared food too but this time around I also served food. Nothing changed in our objective, but this time we have greater understanding while we serve the people that are in need with the dignity and respect they deserve and help them get back on their feet to live their lives fully.

It is truly remarkable to keep giving your time to help other people out. It is a different feeling; it is I think what true happiness is all about. We can never really be happy until we share our fortunes with others. To see other people happy as I serve them, it makes me happy too. It gives me hope that organizations like the Good Shepherd do what they do, we rebuild other people’s lives and I think that is just simply amazing.


Written by Elvin Madamba

May 15, 2011 at 8:01 PM

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