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Me with the man himself

Today, I went to Downtown Toronto to hear Dr. David Suzuki (got a picture with him and got my book signed! woot) do a speech for the first time. I was so amazed at his ability to articulate things and just get his message across (it may have to do with his status as a global icon but this is the reason why he is one).

He talked about a whole wide range of topics of the usual saving the environment talk but what really captures the essence of his speech is how man has become a “force of nature”. We have become the most disruptive species on the planet and we definitely have to do something about that to sustain our future for our children. What we are doing is suicidal.

He goes to describe how our situation is suicidal as an analogy using bacteria.  One bacterium (human) in a test tube (planet) that exponentially grows every minute. One minute after, there’s 2 bacteria,  minute after again, 4 bacteria and so on. At the 59-minute mark, the test tube is half filled, suddenly at the 60-minute mark it is full. At the 61-minute mark bacteria another test tube is full, and at 62-minutes four test tubes are full.

Unless, we keep finding planets to exhaust resources from, what we are doing is not sustainable. There’s a consensus among scientists that we are past the 59-minute mark, we must start changing our ways or we kill of our own species because our only planet can only take so much.

“So all those leaders saying that we have to keep the economy growing are saying we have to accelerate down what is a suicidal path.”

“We have to put the eco back in economics”

Our survival, sustainability and environment are above making money and we need to realize and act on this.

Fun fact: economy comes from the word ecology


Written by Elvin Madamba

April 9, 2011 at 8:31 PM

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