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“Student leaders ‘HELP’ tend sheep”

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Humanitarian Experiential Leadership Program (H.E.L.P.) students volunteer at the Good Shepherd Centre

February 12, 2011


TORONTO – Students from the Humanitarian Experiential Leadership Program (H.E.L.P.) tackled their first venture of the second semester as they captured the essence of volunteerism at The Good Shepherd Centre in Downtown Toronto yesterday morning.

“We learned about poverty and hunger in class but have never actually seen it in person,” said Raphaella Do Carmo, one of the student leaders. “At the Good Shepherd we get to see that and even help the cause”.

The students were involved in a myriad of activities including, food supply sorting, packing, and lunch preparation.

Students learned the challenging, everyday lives of marginalized citizens. They also witnessed the efforts of The Good Shepherd Centre to alleviate the burden of hunger, homelessness and poverty in the community of Toronto.

“People [at the Good Shepherd Ministries] do not judge,” another student, Sarah Smibert said, “they let anybody in and they try to make a positive change in people’s lives”.

James Scott Neil, the young leaders’ advisor, aimed to physically showcase the true adversities of poverty and homelessness to the students as it had been discussed in class.

“I felt great donating my time to such a great cause” another student, Nicole Maylor said.

Neil planned to take the students back to The Good Shepherd twice more, on April 21 and May 13; immersing the students further in the issues of poverty and hunger in a local setting.

“Experience is the best teacher; and experience in ‘lending a helping hand’ is especially more invaluable. It teaches our kids strong foundations of selflessness. With that said, the future is in good hands,” said Vicente Madamba, parent of a student leader.

The Good Shepherd Centre located at 412 Queen Street East. It is a place that offers food, shelter, clothing and other services to people of need; free of charge.

The meal program of the Good Shepherd is the largest in Toronto, serving more than 1,100 meals every day. It has also distributed more than 26,000 items in clothing for free in a year.


Written by Elvin Madamba

April 8, 2011 at 1:34 PM

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