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“H.E.L.P! up in the air” by Sofia Becerra

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The students of the Humanitarian Experiential Leadership Program put their skills to the test at Adventureworks

February 23, 2011

S. Becerra

HAMILTON, On – Through many exciting activities, the H.E.L.P. students of Romero enjoyed taking on the challenges that they were faced with yesterday at an interactive leadership facility, Adventureworks, to develop their team building, trust and communication skills.

After having been together for only 2 weeks, the students continued to get to know each other a little better through this experience. It started off with some stimulating warm up activities planned by the facilitators, Shawn Stetson and Adam Brown.

They got through these challenges without too much struggle by communicating and working together to achieve the best results in  endeavors such as building a three dimensional cube from pool noodles.

After lunch the students bundled up and headed outside to play some more games and use the lycra tube, similar to a very large elastic band.

“It was fun when we worked together to get the patterns down so we could bounce around really fast inside of it [the lycra tube],” student, Nigel Samaroo said.

the tube was a great way to to build are communication skillls with eachother it was awsoem to see how we call came together not worrying about how close or we were or who we were with we just worked together to complete are taskNext up the greatest challenge of the day came: high ropes.

Stetson and Brown instructed the students on how to put their harnesses on and tie all the appropriate knots. This would keep them safe once they were up 30 feet in the air secured only by a rope and the belay team on the ground.

Heading into the woods, they reached the courses, and started climbing. Working together in pairs, they climbed up about 30 feet on the steps created on the side of a tree. Shuffling across a thin metal rod with wooden poles spaced out they managed to get to the other tree by using their communication skills and trusting in one another.

“It was scary, I mean, I couldn’t even do it. These guys who went up there, it’s unbelievable,” student, Elvin Madamba, said. “It was fun to watch the team grow as we supported each other,” he said.


Written by Elvin Madamba

April 8, 2011 at 2:25 PM

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