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It’s your fault

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It’s your fault

Let’s face it – the basic problems of the Third World today can really be laid at the feet of the wealthy people of the Western powers.

It is the West that began the entire pattern of Rich vs. Poor with the whole colonial power structure 400 years ago. The European colonial powers took over the world and raped entire continents of their land, resources and even their people through the slave trade. Powers such as Great Britain acquired colonies for the one purpose and one purpose only: to supply themselves with as many low cost raw materials as possible for their industries. It did not matter what the impact was on the colonies themselves as long as the colonial powers were able to build up their own wealth.

Deliberately, these powers subjugated their colonies by keeping education away from them and viciously subduing them so that the masses would remain poverty stricken forever. The colonial administrations of countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Holland and Britain were efficient in establishing a master – slave relationship with the Third World which they maintain to this very day. The present global economic system functions in a manner which keeps the Third World poor and the First World affluent.

You must realize that the guilt for the poverty of the Third World has to be shared by everyone in the First World, not just the governments and the giant corporations. Each individual citizen of the West is equally guilty because each one lives opulently at the expense of the poor of the world.

For example, the starving of the world are the result of the overeating which takes place in the Western nations. Whenever someone in the West eats too much at a meal, then someone else in the world dies from starvation. No one from the wealthy nations should ever be allowed to go to bed at night with a clear conscience while children starve in another part of the world since their starvation is clearly the fault of those living in the First World.

The whole problem with poverty is the result of a well-thought out plot by the Rich to get the Poor and to keep them poor. Take the trade agreements, for example. The poor countries of the world are discriminated against because they receive such low prices for their raw materials, whereas the wealthy of the world sell the poor high priced manufactured goods. Since the poor cannot pay for these manufactured goods in full, they go into debt to the wealthy of the world. In most cases, the poor never get out of this debt.

Remember this: YOU benefit from this whole economic system and, therefore, YOU ARE GUILTY!

What is the answer to this whole problem? It is really very simple. We need a New Economic Order in which the rich countries give up a great deal of their wealth and give it to the poor countries and in which the entire world trading system is redesigned to increase the income which the Third World receives for their goods. At the same time, the First World must reduce the prices of their manufactured goods through reduced wages ( which are already too high, in fact, obscenely high ) and reduced profits for multinational corporations.

Another obvious solution is for the United Nations to impose a basic tax of at least $1000 per year on each citizen of the First World. When this money is redistributed to the poor nations, it will be a giant step towards resolving the problems.

These are the facts. Either help the developing Third World now or risk world-wide revolution. Think it over. If something significant is not done soon …

Source: “It’s your fault” Grade 12 World Issues notes


Written by Elvin Madamba

March 10, 2011 at 3:36 PM

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