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hey jen, you shoulda known better

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Jen, I am dissapointed. :(

Jennifer Aniston has created the ultimate viral video, featuring talking parrots and skateboarding dogs. The four-minute video, marketed as “Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape”, advertises Smart Water, a bottled water brand. It also stars You Tube favourite Keenan Cahill and has a lot of hair flicking.

We do love watching you swish your hair, Jen, but we’re not sure folks on this side of the pond will be, er, Friends with you after this. Anyone who’s anyone knows that tap water is so much cooler than bottled, and here’s why…

1. Tap water doesn’t cost you a penny. Bottled water prices continue to rise with the VAT increase leaving your pockets a little light. In fact, Kevin G. Boyd’s celebrity Bling H2o water costs $40-60 for a 750ml bottle!

2. Tap water is regularly checked for traced of E.coli and bacteria whereas bottled water doesn’t have the same regulations. In fact, tap water must be tested for certain types of bacteria over 100 times – a requirement that doesn’t apply to bottled water companies.

3. The plastic bottles are unhealthy. A chemical called Phthalate is added to the plastic to make it stronger, but when it is heated up (say in your car on a sunny day), the chemical can leak into your water! Phthalate has been linked to liver and reproductive problems and some cancers. Don’t take the risk and stick to tap water.

4. There are no rules to say bottled water companies have to list on their bottles the source, chemical pollutants or purification methods of the water, so you really have no idea what’s going into your body.

5. And finally… we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t mention that the plastic from bottled water is not great for the environment either

Why not enjoy Jennifer Aniston’s ’sex tape’ video starring adorable puppies and a fat man crying at a rainbow with a nice glass of tap water instead…

By: Emily Rycroft


Written by Elvin Madamba

March 10, 2011 at 7:17 PM

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